Activate edit mode

  • Edit mode can be activated in 2 ways
  • 1) Traditional: Press edit button at the top right
  • 2) Quick: Tap and hold on a file. Edit mode appears and file is selected
  • Bottom toolbar appears

Edit options (bottom toolbar)

  • All options are available when you select a file by tapping on it
  • Edit buttons from left to right include:
  1. Select / Deselect all files
  2. New folder
  3. Copy/Move to
  4. Mark as favourite (file will then appear in favourite section)
  5. Share button (which includes several other options, see below)

Share button options:

  • Airdrop: Can be used to transfer files between your iPad and your iPhone for example. Make sure that bluetooth is activated for this option
  • Messages, Email, Facebook and Co: Options to share your files are shown
  • Further options: Include Print, Open in, Delete, Rename, and ZIP

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