• One main feature is copy and moving files from cloud services to local files for offline use, for example
  • Activate edit mode by pressing the “Edit” button on the top right
  • Select a file you want to copy
  • Press the center button at the bottom edit toolbar
  • The copy to dialog will be opened

Copy To dialog

  • Select the folder you want to copy to by tapping on it
  • At the bottom select “Copy to” if you want to make a copy or “Move to”, if you want to move the file from one folder to another
  • The status bar at the top indicates that a copy process is active
  • Once the status bar is complete your files or folders are in the destination folder
  • Copy processes can be stopped by tapping on the “Quick Jump” button, which appears when you press on the name of the folder on the top navigation bar
  • There you can select “Cancel all copy processes”

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