• With Windows SMB you can access your Windows PS or NAS through your iOS device
  • This needs the following steps on computer as well as iPhone or iPad

1) Prepare your PC for connection

  • Open “Control Panel”
  • Select ”Network and Internet”
  • Select “View Network Status and Tasks”
  • Make sure that in  ”Change Advanced Sharing Settings” , network discovery, file sharing as well as password protected sharing are turned on

2) Select the folder you want to share 

  • Select the folder you want to share in your Windows Explorer
  • Right-click and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Sharing” tab
  • Click on ”Advanced Sharing”
  • Tick  ”Share this Folder”

3) Get the info you need from your PC 

  • How to get computer name
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • On the left right-click on “Computer” and choose “Properties”
  • At the bottom of the window you can see your computer name 
  • Get User Name
  • Open “Control Panel”
  • Select “User Accounts”
  • Select “User Accounts”
  • On the right card  you can see your user name

4) Connect your iOS device  

  • Press on “Add connection…” on you home panel
  • Tap on “Windows (SMB)”
  • In the host field : Type your computer name as displayed under 3)
  • In the user field: Type your user name as displayed under 3)
  • In the password field: Type in the password you use when logging into your PC
  • Press Connect at the top right
  • You should now be able to browse and view the files on your Windows PC