• Files United has a Companion Mac App, which seamlessly integrates your Mac with your iPhone or iPad
  • The Companion app can be downloaded on the Mac App Store (needs Mavericks installed on your Mac)
  • The app only works when your devices are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Please install the free Companion App on your Mac
  • When you open the Mac app for the first time please press “Allow” when prompted to”…to accept incoming network connections”

1) Drag and drop transfer from Mac to iPad or iPhone

  • Please open the iOS app and the Mac App
  • After a while the iOS device will become present on the Mac App
  • Drag and drop files onto the device you desire
  • Accept the file transfer on your iPhone or iPad
  • Your files will be saved in the “Local Files” section on your iOS device

2) Access Mac files from your iOS device

  • Make sure that both iOS and Mac app are opened
  • Select “Add a connection…” in the mater panel of your iPhone or iPad
  • Press “Connect via Mac App”
  • The Macs in your network will be displayed
  • Choose the Mac you want to access
  • Make sure to allow the access of the iOS device on your Mac
  • You can now browse and open documents which are located on your Mac from your iPad or iPhone

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