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Designed specifically for iOS 7

  • File Manager iPad 1
  • File Manager iPad 2
  • File Manager iPad 3
  • File Manager iPad 4
  • File Manager iPad 5

Files United features a super clean and intuitive user interface specifically designed for iOS 7. These distinct features make your life even easier:

Mac App Companion: Easily access and transfer files between your Mac and iOS devices.

Quick Jump Home: Extremely fast navigation which allows you to get back to your home screen with just one tap.

Tap & Hold To Edit: Just tap and hold on a file and edit mode will be activated in order to perform essential file management functions.


Access your files anytime and everywhere


File Manager: Files United features the best file browser for your iOS device. It works seamlessly on your iPhone or iPad and with the intuitive interface, file management becomes a breeze.


Document Viewer: Enjoy all your digital content from one app. The app gives you access to your documents, images, music and videos and has a very robust document viewer and media player.


Cloud Access: Access remote files from your cloud storages, such as Dropbox, Google Drive,, Skydrive or SugarSync. Files United also allows you to connect to your computer seamlessly.

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